Net Positive Golf

In a challenged and changing market, the Net Positive Golf team is helping golf facilities and events find measurable ways to do more with less.

The Net Positive Golf approach helps our clients with strategies to reduce resource consumption at a rate that exceeds rising costs (this includes the cost of natural, financial and human resources). Our programs reward facilities and events beyond bottom line impacts; the efforts demonstrate leadership, garner publicity, earn awards, and appeal to the next generation golfer and property buyer.

How your facility and/or event can benefit:

  • Decrease Operational Costs
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Engage Community
  • Improve Margins
  • Demonstrate Leadership
  • Ensure Resource Availability
  • Reduce Environmental Impacts
  • Attract Participants, Patrons and Buyers
  • Enhance Image
  • Reduce Risk

Our Achievements

Our award winning team will help you determine the right program(s) for you.

Certification and Award Process Guidance to establish systems that measure your progress, validate success, and garner local, national, and international recognition.

Assessment, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Planning and Reporting to connect the dots for core business alignment

Education and Engagement programs to garner buy in and participation by stakeholders.

Marketing and Communications support to help craft your unique “sustainability story” to include your successes to date.


Our solution centered approach helps clients create value for profitability. We are proud of our accomplishments that have garnered significant recognition; but more importantly, those successes have made measurable, positive impacts for communities, the environment, as well as the financial bottom line.